Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Gray Haven

Okay, news flash: this place couldn't be more aptly named. We've been here a week now and it seems much longer. It's not that there's so much to do or even check out -- they don't even have a historical society here -- but all the little wrinkles that arise from being away from home all of a sudden seemed to have ganged up on us over the last few days.

It hasn't exactly been a New England dream vacation by anybody's estimation. (Was it ever supposed to be?) Yesterday and the day before, the temperature's been up in the high-90s, and the window A/C in our room can barely make it tolerable at night. We talked to the hotel management the very first time we got here, and they've been in to look at it, but apparently they can't find anything wrong. I want to say, gee, maybe the fact that it's dripping coolant on our floor? Anyhow we took the boys to see Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars at the one movie theater in town, in hopes at least that would be a little cooler, but the air conditioning was even worse there. By Wednesday Tyler's allergies were acting up, probably because the amount of dust in the room. C. thinks there's probably mold in the floor too. We couldn't find his inhaler that night, and in the morning we had to drive twenty miles to find a Wal Mart that actually had a refill. It was worse again on Thursday night. Tyler and his brother were both awake half the night with nightmares, and in the morning C. and I got into a huge fight over something so stupid and trivial I can't bring myself to mention it. We didn't talk most of that day. To make matters worse I couldn't get online -- at first I thought it was the modem but it seems like some kind of virus somewhere. I'm not Mr. Computer Guy but I ran Norton Antivirus and I think it worked but there's still some bugs and it's slower than molasses. Ugh.

Weirdly enough, Thursday was when things finally started to turn around for us. We drove to meet Alun and Karen for a barbecue dinner, our kids (our two, their three) all played and ran riot through their back yard for most of the evening while we sat around drinking beer. It was one of those much-needed nights were everything went perfectly.

Friday morning I got another email from Jay and Amy asking if we could hang here for the weekend because they really wanted to show me this house they were exploring not too far from here. They had pictures for their own site and wanted to post them there first, but I've seen some of them and they're pretty incredible. The basement in particular made me want to check it out. C. told me she wasn't going anywhere near the place which only confirmed my feeling that I have to get there before we leave the area. Jay and Amy are going to email again when we can meet up. I thought I'd hear from them today but with my laptop getting buggy again I can't tell if I'm just not receiving all my messages. I hate to harass them on the cell phone but if I don't hear from them by tomorrow I'll give them a call.


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