Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I’m not sure what this means.

The posts since Friday, anonymous and otherwise, have been all over the map. People come at you with all kinds of things at times like this—I have no idea how to respond. I haven’t even looked at the computer since the weekend. But of everything that’s come of the last few days, the strangest didn’t come from email at all.

This arrived in my mailbox today.

I read the first dozen pages. Whoever this person is, the one who wrote it or the one who sent it to me—they know far more about these towns than I do. Supposedly it’s a work of fiction. I don't know what to believe. But I know this.

I read the end.

In the end, the children come back.

In the end, the children come back.

In the end, the children come back.

PhilipC? Are you out there?

Is your real name Joe Schreiber?


Blogger UnknownCommand said...

Hello Mr Schreiber,

I've just read your book named "Bye bye, crazy chick!" and because I'm a big fan of the intensive movie thriller "Collateral" (you remember: with "Tom Cruise" as professional contract killer and "Jamie Foxx" as taxi driver) I'm really disappointed that you copied quite exactly most of the key sequences of this great film.

The situation that Perry has to drive Gobi through the night in a big city to some targets... or in the first sequence, in which Perry recognizes the first time that Gobi has strange abilities (the dead person bursts through the window of the club and was landing directly on the bonnet of the jaguar)... or that Perry had destroyed Gobi's mobile contract database and has to regain the lost info while going undercover.

These scenes were quite identical to the ones from the movie.

My first thought was: just a bad copy of a masterful template.

But what is "behind the scenes"? Do you have an agreement with "Michael Mann" or something like this so that the plot similarities are justified?

I'm curious about your answer.
Please write back - and sorry for this non-fitting comment. I haven't seen the "send me an email"-button.
Possibly a point you can take care of in future.



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