Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Open Letter to Joe Schreiber

I'm in White's Cove now. Don't need a motel anymore. I am with my son.

I have seen enough here to know that Joe Schreiber is a liar.

My sister posted a comment on this site last week asking for my email address, but she deleted it. I don't know why. I tried to call Ballantine again but the receptionist won't connect me with anyone there. They won't tell me anything more about Joe Schreiber or his book.

Mr. Schreiber: I know exactly where you will be on Friday, October 27th. It's not far from here. Not far at all.

I will be there.

I will bring my boy.


Anonymous Joe Schreiber said...


I guess this means the gloves are off, huh? Oh well -- there's no such thing as bad publicity. My Amazon numbers have improved since you started slagging my book on your site.

As far as my appearance at the end of October, of course, I'd be happy to meet you on the Vineyard...and hopefully convince you to end this bizarre errand.

1:07 PM  
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